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Hello, my name is Zablon Dawit. I am a software developer, and I'm here to help you. If you want to know why I created this blog, read this article I wrote.

This blog is a beginning of a small company I'm working on. This company is here because I think I can help you out. Do you have a small business, are you looking for a team of developers to help you out with realizing an idea? Are you looking for outsourcing your software? Looking to read some of our articles? You're not in the wrong place. Especially if you're from Ethiopia. My goal is to help you realize your companies potential through software products.

Due to recent endover of our country into the Software Industry, there are much challenge. Limitations stem from one side to another, with our help you can easily power through these challenges. From building service, to creating tools and websites. We're working on the development tools and web technologies, contact us through our email contact@qebero.dev

Services we provide

  • Software Consulting
  • Building Cloud Solutions
  • Software Development tools (headless tools, GUI tools, web apps)
  • Website and Landing Pages

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Hi, I'm Zablon. I'm a software engineer, mostly working in the web space, based in Ethiopia. You can follow me on Twitter, see some of my work on GitHub, or read more about Qebero.dev on here.

contact@qebero.dev we're hopelessly waiting for your email 🙃