14 Aug 2022 ~ 3 min read

Hello World 👋

Every blog starts with a single post. This is mine. Might not be great but it's a start.

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Hello, my name is Zablon Dawit. I’m a software developer from Ethiopia, I’ve contemplated having a blog for a very long time, so long I think I’ve already paid about two years for this and another domain. Yes, there was another domain, thinking I have some cool name for my blog if I decided to start, but it was a bit too much. Continuing on, I wanted to create this blog for one reason… helping people out. People I mean my friends, colleagues and businesses in Ethiopia with technical software and related business ideas. But I sat on the idea because I didn’t want to start something I didn’t want to work on. But this week I decided to go through with it.


Why Create A Blog?

One of the main reasons for me creating a blog is this guy here, Scott Hanselman. He has a video titled ‘Personal Productivity’, he explains why he has a blog and I think that really co-related with me. He mentions his blog is like his diary of sorts, and he uses it to communicate with everyone else. So as an example, let’s say someone asks him how to do a certain thing during development. For answering that persons question he has some options, write him a message/email, verbally guide him through the process or write an article on his blog. So he chooses to write a blog, In doing this he can save time if someone at some later date else happens to ask him that exact same thing he can just refer that new person to the article. It’s honestly genius, but very straight forward.


What is this blog all about?

Aside from the reasons I explained above, the other reason is I want to inform businesses in Ethiopia understand the software industry. I’ve been a victim of an industry that doesn’t appreciate the benefits of itself. I’ve worked for private software companies in Ethiopia and most of them have a similar bad trend,

  1. Underestimate the hard work required to create a good software product
  2. Tend to think a single developer can create a software product at the scale of Facebook or Youtube
  3. Under staffing and relying on collage graduates not their fault since that’s almost all of the workforce because it’s a new market here.
  4. Using tools trendy tools instead of researching on the tool that suits the project.
  5. Not using necessary resources, when I mean resources I’m referring to servers, tools and other development tools.

I want to help out if I can, especially I want to help starting out developers who most of the time find them selves under stressful work environments and eventually abandon project due to poor project management and leadership, poor communication and expecting too much from what a beginning developer can handle. Thank you for reading, I hope I can deliver on the goals I discussed with you guys.


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Hi, I'm Zablon. I'm a software engineer, mostly working in the web space, based in Ethiopia. You can follow me on Twitter, see some of my work on GitHub, or read more about Qebero.dev on here.